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January 07, 2021
"Good quality, too expensive"
Love, love, love this store. They really do make high quality leggings, though the price is a bit too high.
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December 02, 2020
"Happy customer"
Honestly I'm flabbergasted by all the terrible reviews of Lululemon on Trustpilot. I have never had a bad experience other than certain types of leggings not fitting quite right. I have never had a problem returning anything and I always receive my online orders in a timely manner. Aligns are quite literally the softest leggings and I have yet to have a pair fall apart on me.
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November 03, 2020
Excellent, useful and easy to use website. I think free gifts are a great way to reward customers. I find that the quality of the clothes I buy is good, the shipping was fast. Fantastic
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June 25, 2020
"Customer service from Miranda"
I received assistance with a return from a very helpful customer service representative named Miranda. Despite my super unique issue / situation that required her to do a lot of digging, she was super patient and had a really positive & upbeat attitude throughout the entire process. Handling customers' problems is not an easy job (especially in these crazy times), so I sincerely appreciated Miranda's patience and positivity.
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April 30, 2017
Extremely comfortable clothing. Most comfortable workout clothes I own, however very expensive. Great quality, although I have had to return a pair or two because the stitching comes undone. They replace them or reimburse you. Very flattering clothes, would recommend. Make sure you wash with care (cold water, inside out, air dry). This ensures the fabric maintains its great condition. I follow these instructions, however sometimes the stitching comes loose, but as mentioned they will replace/reimburse you if this occurs. Great company.
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What made you choose lululemon over similar businesses?

October 04, 2020

“Better than bargain leggings and they dont pile as fast”


Why do you sell people wrong products and then refuse to allow them to return them? furthermore, you change the sizing and style and don't tell people. when they do not perform well in an athletic setting, you cannot return them. so are you enjoying your joke? it seems like a hustle to me.


How easy is it to get a hold of customer service at lululemon?

August 10, 2019

“Very easy. Use the live chat on the website. They are very helpful.”

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